My time to write has been pretty limited lately.  With a wife, a toddler, a newborn and a full-time job, there isn’t much room for writing these days.  This week though has been a pretty decent gaming week for me.

  • My week started out with a major geek out when Wil Wheaton posted my comment on the front page of his blog! Wil is doing another Dungeon Delve at the Emerald City Comic Con and wrote a post about it on his blog.  I wrote in the comments that I played in on of his Dungeon Delves.  I wrote about the experience in a blog post: I survived Wil Wheaton’s Dungeon Delve of Doom which I also mentioned in the comment.  He then proceeds to update his blog post with my comment.  Very exciting.  A fun little geeky treat for me.
  • I went to Living Forgotten Realms again Thursday at Hat’s Games here in Tucson.  I had a good time.  But, LFR seems to exacerbate some of the problems of D&D 4th Edition.  Namely, role playing gets a short shrift.  Roll playing is the emphasis.  Which, I don’t mind so much.  I find 4th edition combat a compelling game in and of itself and I want to get a better grasp of the rules.  But, I like a healthy dose of story, character, and plot, too.  Still, it was fun and hope to make it out again soon.  Also,  LFR got a new gamer hooked on the hobby.  Someone came in who had never played a pen and paper game and, well, I let his words speak for themselves: “me thinks we hath created a monster.”  Despite 4th edition’s faults, it is very friendly to new players.
  • Yesterday, I went to the Arizona Renaissance Festival.  I  guess renaissance festivals could be considered the world’s most popular and mainstream LARPs.  I got my little girl a pink sword and a fairy outfit and I had steak on a stake.  Ren Faire was a success.  I’m actually thinking of going in costume next year.  Somebody help me.
  • Tomorrow is the next session in my regular Swords and Wizardry group.  It will be the first time in quite a while that we will have all the players there.  We just took out some goblins and need to learn what happened to the Tomb of the Iron God.  I’ll have to write some more about it soon.

I’m looking forward to PHB3 day this week and I’ll hopefully be playing the first of new D&D Encounters program that Wizards of the Coast is kicking off.  If time permits I’ll be writing all this up.

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